Guns And Roses September 21 Episode

Jonathan "Onat" Marasigan (Ejay Falcon) is very confused about what his brother - Abelardo "Abel" Marasigan (Robin Padilla) told him. Reminiscing, Abel told Onat to find an evidence that can prove he is not the one who killed Don Lucio "Senior" De la Rocha (Mark Gil). With what Abel have told him, Onat went to his father - Jose "Peping" Marasigan's (Nanding Josef) grave. Onat told his father - Peping that he is now ready to do the right thing in which he is going to find the truth behind the man who killed Don Lucio. Meanwhile, Agent Marcus Aguilar (Diether Ocampo) went to see Regina "Reign" Santana (Bea Alonzo) at her house to check on her after Don Lucio's death. Marcus told Reign that if she ever need his help, he is alwaus there for her. Reign then told Marcus not to worry about her because she can perfectly handle herself. Marcus is trying to let Reign believe that Abel is the one who killed her father but Reign will never believe in him. Marcus then went seeing Abel inside the investigation room wherein Marcus wants Abel to admit the crime he have committed. Abel then told Marcus that he can not defeat him in everything even with Reign's love. With too much tension between Marcus and Abel, they fought with each other and the other police officers helped Marcus. Going back with Onat who is seeking for the truth, he called Marcus and pretended to be someone who have witnessed what really happened. Marcus got very pissed with what Onat did and so he cursed on him telling Onat that he is going to make sure Abel will suffer. With the information Onat got, he hurriedly went seeing Reign and told her about what he did. At first, Reign doesn't want to help Onat because her father's death is too fresh for her. Onat the told Reign that he still needs an evidence against Marcus for them to help Abel because they believe that Abel didn't kill Don Lucio. Later on, Reign talks to her sister - Jonnie De la Rocha (Empress Schuck) about what Onat told her. Reign is asking the help of Jonnie to support them with their decision. Jonnie got very mad at Reign because she wants to help the man who killed their father. Will Jonnie help Reign and Onat in finding the real killer? Who are they going to ask for help?
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