Guns And Roses September 20 Episode

Abelardo "Abel" Marasigan (Robin Padilla) went to see Don Lucio "Senior" De la Rocha's (Mark Gil) house to finally take revenge against him. By the time Abel arrived there, he saw some of Don Lucio's men who are already trying to kill him. Abel killed all of Don Lucio's man and he got a chance being alone with Don Lucio. Abel then blamed Don Lucio for killing his father - Jose "Peping" Marasigan (Nanding Josef). Don Lucio told Abel that he is not the one who killed Peping because he don't even know him. Abel don't want to believe Don Lucio because he is very hurt of what happened to his father. Abel pointed his gun at Don Lucio but he can't kill the father of the woman he loves who is Regina "Reign" Santana (Bea Alonzo). Abel didn't kill Don Lucio but someone shot him at his back and Don Lucio died on the spot. Abel tried to know who is the one who shot Don Lucio but he failed to capture the man behind. Later on, Agent Marcus Aguilar (Diether Ocampo) and Abel's brother - Jonathan "Onat" Marasigan (Ejay Falcon) came at Don Lucio's house. Abel wanted to explain everything to his brother - Onat that he is not the one who killed Don Lucio but he can't. Abel can't tell his brother - Onat what he wants to tell him because Marcus is there with them. Then came Reign together with MacArthur "Mac2x" Pangan (Ketchup Eusebio). Reign is very shocked seeing her father - Don Lucio who is already dead on the floor. Reign then told Abel that they agreed to each other that they are going to convince Don Lucio to surrender. Reign also reminded Abel that he must not kill Don Lucio but Reign thought that Abel killed her father. With this incident, how will Abel explain everything to Reign?
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