Guns And Roses September 1 Episode

Abelardo "Abel" Marasigan (Robin Padilla) and one of the police officer who is with Marcus Aguilar (Diether Ocampo) met at the place where Abel and Regina "Reign " Santana (Bea Alonzo) talked. The police officer then introduced himself to Abel telling Abel that he is not his enemy. Abel told the police officer not to fool him because he don't have time for jokes. The police officer then told Abel that he is helping Marcus' mother - Aretha Aguilar (Pinky Amador) back then when she was still alive. The police officer proved himself by telling him what he did to help with the case of Senior who is Don Lucio De la Rocha (Mark Gil). Meanwhile, Marcus wondered why Abel got escaped wherein he is nearly close in Capturing Abel. Reign just told Marcus that Abel ran away from her wherein she didn't get her chance stopping Abel. Marcus then speculated Reign that let Abel escape because she is still inlove with him. Reign did not tell Marcus that she and Abel talked for a long time. Back then when Abel and Reign are talking to each other, Abel told Reign to believe him that he is going to change and become a better person. Abel admitted that he was a bad guy in the past but is now working with the agents to clean his name. Abel didn't tell Reign what is his mission for Reign not to worry too much. Abel also promised to Reign that he is going to come back for her by the time his name is already cleared. Reign then gave Abel a bracelet as a symbol of his promise to her being the perfect and good person for Reign already. Abel just then told Reign to wait for him when the time comes that his name is already cleared because he wants to start a new life. With what Reign did wherein she believed in Abel's promise to change for the better, is Reign's decision correct? Will Marcus know what Reign just did wherein she let Abel escape from the police specially from Marcus? And with Abel, now that he knows what Marcus is telling Reign about him, what is he going to do stopping Marcus in talking bad things against him?
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