Guns And Roses September 16 Episode

Regina "Reign" Santana (Bea Alonzo) together with Agent Marcus Aguilar (Diether Ocampo) went to the wake of Jose "Peping" Marasigan (Nanding Josef). By the time Reign arrived there, Jose's wife - Dolor Marasigan (Liza Lorena) got very mad at her where she pushed her suddenly. Reign got very shocked with what Dolor did to her but she didn't mind it because she knows that Dolor is in so much pain. Dolor then told Reign that she is very disrespectful to her and to Jose because Dolor thought that the reason why Jose died is Reign's father - Don Lucio De la Rocha (Mark Gil). On the other hand, the bad news about Peping arrived to Dolor Marasigan (Liza Lorena). With the information that Marcus got from Onat, he got very mad wherein he used insulting words towards Onat. Marcus then told Onat not to believe his brother - Abel when he was told not to trust him. Marcus also told Onat to believe all the reports they got against Abel because the reports can never be wrong. Later on, Marcus went to see Abel's uncle - Phillip "Tsong" Marasigan (Pen Medina). Marcus remembered that Phillip made a deal on him that he is going to help Marcus in killing their common enemy - Abel. Marcus asked Phillip again if he is still interested in killing Abel and if Marcus can trust him not to put Marcus into trouble. Phillip then told Marcus that he will surely kill his nephew - Abel if he can just get out of jail. Phillip then asked the help of Marcus to let him out of jail fo him to finally kill Abel.
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